Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thankful...and kinda sad

These last two weeks my heart has been aching for MN....funny huh?  It used to ache for MT and now I have two places that make my heart ache!  I miss my friends, I miss my amazing neighbors, I miss our playdates with 16 kids (because we were all awsome and decided to get pregnant at the same time), I miss the fall colors and even raking the leaves, I miss owning my house even if it was teeny tiny, it was mine and I loved it, I miss all the parks, I miss the every week, I miss my co-workers and my patients.  I am thankful for a great job here (even though it is very very different).  I am thankful for so many quick friends here in Boise, but miss the easy, comfortable friendships in MN.  I posted a picture on my work website the other day....We all have to have Bios.  Most people post a headshot taken up against a plain wall.   Mine...I posted a picture that DeeDee took of me last year at an apple orchard.  There I am standing below a sign that says FRUIT LOOP and pointing to myself.  I feel silly posting it on a professional website....but this is internal and I want people to know this is me, a total dork!  I can't wait to have easy comfortable friendships again.  I am thankful for outdoor opprotunities, thankful to be closer to my family, thankful for a normal schedule, thankful for a healthy family...I am thankful, just missing my old life.  Here are some cute pics from Pumpkin picking with a good friend from High school this last weekend...I am thankful and blessed.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekly photo updates

Mckenna taking a hike up Table Rock....she was hot, so no shirt, but cute pigtails!
Mckenna enjoying her tricycle in the driveway. We have to take advantage of the wonderful Boise weather! My little ballerina

Chilling with mom and dad in the bathroom and apparently wanting to talk on the phone...cheeseball. :)

Daddy giving Mckenna a ride up the rest of Table Rock...that is the life!

Another week of amazingly nice weather....I have to keep on reminding myself it is mid October!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

Starting to smell like Fall

Ah...I love the smell of fall. Of leaves on the ground, of rain, just the crisp, cool, fresh air! Mckenna and I got to go to Missoula last weekend to visit Grandpa Flip and happened to get to see So many family members....what a treat! Frances turns one tomorrow....Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! Here are some pictures of last many great memories.