Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Little Hard to Breath

Do you ever feel an emotion so strongly that it's almost hard to breath? 
Mckenna and I were playing outside today and I was once again taking pictures. 
Mckenna was facinated by a bird in a tree and I looked over at her and thought....Wow, she is MINE. 
She is smart, interesting, full of love and kindness, and just a Beautiful little person. 
I found myself with my chest tight and feeling like it was hard to breath. 
So...what did I do?  Took a picture of course! 
Isn't she amazing?'s kinda hard to breath again...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Flying V

I took this picture on a walk with is one of my favorite ever! 
My super handsome hubby!

My sweet love at a wonderful coffee shop in Boise

A homemade Christmas ornament...It makes me happy everytime I look at it

And...another flying V  Mckenna skiing at Bogus Basin!  She was amazing!