Sunday, November 14, 2010

Full of Life

Mckenna and Mike playing in the leaves

Yay!  I got a night out with my buddy Mike!

Super cool colors early one morning

Raking the yard with her daddy...I love this picture

A break from raking....look at the size of that bubble!

Making a tunnel and secondary bubble

The last week and a half have been busy, fun, exciting and this weekend and next the fun will just continue.  Last weekend my friend Mike came to Boise with Cirque Du Soliel.  We got to hang out on Friday night then got to go to the show on Saturday.  Had friends over Saturday night and had a great relaxing day on Sunday.  I finally got to teach a bit...finally feeling slightly productive at work, Yay!  If anyone needs ACLS OB or wants training, let us's a pretty great class.  This weekend was my birthday, kind of uneventful, but had a nice afternoon with Sam and Mckenna and got a new car stereo which is awsome!  This week I get to spend the whole week in the hospital doing direct patient care which I am SO excited to do...I miss it so much!  Then on Thursday my great friend Kristen is flying in and we are watching the Cat/Griz game (I will post pictures.)  Back to work for 2 days next week, I have my 90 day evaluation, and then off to Montana for Thanksgiving.  So busy, but SO FUN!